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As a young person, we always have the highest hopes for ourselves, but so much life happens along the way that it can deter any young, beautiful girl from her original path. This is a journey of how a young lady fights to overcome anxiety, depression, guilt, and “Mind Attacks.”

Family can easily and naturally become the center for love and/or hate, which is exactly where it begins in this journey. Her loving family housed a young predator, as vicious as the older ones, but kept and swept his secret under the rug. The only thing that could possibly make abuse worse is having to expose another abuse taking place in order to protect someone that you love.

This story presents obstacles and aspects of several forms of abuse. Once you’ve been violated, it’s very difficult to have normal relationships with others; they couldn’t possibly understand the things you’ve been through and the effects of them. Abuse follows you through love and age… abuse is like scars—they may fade, but will always remain. Relationships with God and others will in turn become challenging.

Mind Attacks will take you along a whirlwind of ups and downs. True transformation comes through the form of healing to move on and past all of life’s tumultuous dealings. However, once you’ve changed your frame of mind and spirit, then you can no longer be attacked through neither your mind, body or soul.