Sheena McCullough is a Los Angeles Native making her way through the authorship journey as a first-time author. She studied Business Administration at Long Beach City College where she developed a mind for processing information. She has always had a passion and willingness to help others, anyway she possibly could, which lead to her first book being written.

Sheena authored “Mind Attacks” (launching Sept., 2020) as a way to sympathize with others through personal experiences, while inspiring and motivating others to hold on just a little longer while healing is on its way. She began journaling when she became a mother to her only son. She used him as her inspiration to use her voice. Sheena believes that children have a way of making you feel like you can do anything.

Writing “Mind Attacks” was highly therapeutic for her because it gave her a sense of purpose. Due to her deplorable life experiences, she decided to share her story in hopes that it’ll help someone else overcome their battles. Through her journey of healing and overcoming, Sheena has realized the importance of identifying the source and root of your pain and exposing it so that healing can occur.

Sheena plans to author more books, become an advocate and speaker to and for the youth and sexually abused victims. She’d like to encourage them to be a light to others, even when there’s been so much darkness in their lives.

Lastly, Sheena has aspirations of becoming Dr. McCullough one day by completing a degree in mental health.